[SOLVED] Cannot read properties of undefined reading H

My student is getting this error " [playcanvas-1.58.2.dbg.js:49347]: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘H’)

Launch will not load at all.
Any advice on where to look or what to look for with these types of errors?
Here is the editor:

@Ashley_Solano Initial look at it I find the following. Not sure about were the scripts are currently. craft_racer. I don’t think this is the entire issue.


It appears to be a very similar issue to the last issue you had report.

The icons or png files for your 2D screen need to be corrected as @yaustar suggested in

There are new issues once you get past this.

I had her make a new level and we are in, not sure what was happening !

@Ashley_Solano I did the following to get a little further. I disabled the text elements in the 2D Screen and it loads but, it still has another issue.


I found that the font has a missing component. Typically fonts are comprised of two files. Here is an example of one of my fonts.

I see that the font being used in your case only has one. Is it possible it was forgotten?

@Ashley_Solano I created a fork of your project and corrected the issues. Here it is and feel free to fork it so you can move forward with your student.


The project has been organized a bit better so there is no confusion as to locations of items. This makes it a lot easier for us to support.

Now it is mostly functional but I have no idea what the camera angle should be or maybe some of the other actions you are expecting. If you wish to discuss further you may send me a personal message.

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@Ashley_Solano I am just checking in to see if you are in good shape with this project. Is the student making forward progress now and should we consider this solved?

yes, solved. thank you!