[SOLVED] Error undefined Name

We are getting an error: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘name’)

We cannot find where the error is references.
We are newbies, so sorry if this is a simple fix. We need all the help!

Link to Editor: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1588188

@Ashley_Solano I had a quick look and I see under craftRacer there is a script that is not in your project. I think maybe this is the issue.


Thank you, I deleted that on my end I cannot see that. But it should be done and still getting an error :frowning:

@Ashley_Solano I forked the project and I am looking at it. I noticed that one of the script files didn’t have a .js on the end. Also

I see the Templates for the Herocraft and Enemy have a craft_racer item underneath. Not sure why they are templates. I am still looking at it.

Some of the other things that I am finding are three cameras in the project. I am slowly trying to eliminate items to figure out what the issue is.

Is it possible to start with a fresh project and move over the scripts little by little?

EDIT: Looking at bit further the issue is one of your models. It’s not easy to find currently.

@Ashley_Solano I found that if I delete characters folder from project it launches without error.


But then found that these just need to be removed.

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The issue is that the one or both of those textures are basis compressed but the basis module has not be been added to the project.

So either:

Add the Basis module:

Remove the Basis compression on the texture:

Read more about Basis compression here: Texture Compression | Learn PlayCanvas


Thank you! I had my student delete the characters folder. He has messed with some skin materials and it is working now. we appreciate the help!

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