[SOLVED] Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘getGuid’)

Hello :slight_smile:

I been working on this project for some time, and suddenly I get this message, and it will not launch. I didnt touch the code, So i am so confused.

Can someone help me?

[playcanvas.dbg.js?version=1.50.0:35460]: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘getGuid’)



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Hi @Anders_Juul_Jorgense,

Check this post, I think it’s the same error you are getting:

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Another way you can fix this is to make a checkpoint, create a new branch and merge back.

This will unlink some template instances in the scene but will get it back into a working state.

If you would like me to do the above process, I can.

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@yaustar Yes, please! I dont know how to do it :frowning:

Give me 5 mins


It’s back to a working state :+1: