[SOLVED] Can somebody link me a few mobile games

Why isn’t there like any mobile friendly games on this platform :sob:

There are.
Here is one of them: NEW: adidas football | Mobile Game

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I couldn’t find the game

If that didn’t work try here they are on the google play store. List of published mobile games

Please note that PlayCanvas is a development platform, not a games one. You be better off at other game portals such as Y8 and Miniclip.

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whatis y8

https://www.y8.com/ (Google is your friend :wink:)

I hate y8 and miniclip tho :(( y8 doesn’t even have mobile friendly games…

A bad website

Hi @anon96765026! Do you mean PlayCanvas games? If not then you better use google to search mobile friendly games.

Yes, I mean mobile play canvas games. (Pls don’t link minitankroyake)

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and this way ; ) https://www.zx-game.de/

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You are super helpful edit: either this isn’t actually mobile friendly or I don’t know how to play, as I tried swiping the arrows, tapping, and nothing worked.