Showcase :


I released a new game, you can play with your friends or play with other players online.

Venge is a 3D multiplayer shooter. In that game you fight with 3-4 player in an arena. Players can select Scar rifle, Shotgun, Sniper or Tec-9 as a weapon. You can also get point in game and unlock abilities. Some abilities applied with grenades, some of them affects your player or current weapon. You can also throw grenades or swing an axe as a melee weapon.

How to play Venge?
Move around using WASD, keep looking for point areas.
Shoot your enemies using LBM and use LShift to aim.
Use spacebar to jump.
Use G to throw a grenade.
Reload your gun with using R key.
Use H to emote (dance animation).

Some Abilities


  • Midnight curse : makes enemy blind with darkness
  • Sparky spells : makes enemy blind with sparks
  • Muscle shock : gives electric shocks to enemy and inactivates


  • Reduce : reduced grenade activation time
  • Taunt : Gives player %20 protective shield

and more…

You can play it on Poki

Here are some screenshots from game :

Let me know what do you think?


Well polished and overall nice game.
I waited 2 minutes to get into game. I guess it’s due to the low number of users on game.

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Yes there are only 20 players online and most of them in are sessions currently. I’m trying to figure out that. Thank you for your comment and feedback.


Loved the game, thank you for sharing!
Wish there was a way to adjust mouse sensitivity during the game. I didn’t want to quit the game and wait for another match, so was struggling with the controls. Nevertheless, had great fun match. I like the art style, animations and overall battle flow. Feels smooth and easy.


Hi, is possible embed in my website ?


That’s a great game @commention, nice job! I agree with what @LeXXik said regarding mouse sensitivity.

How long have you been developing the game?

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I’m working on a training area where you can adjust your aim, with shooting physical buttons. I’ll also consider to put in-game settings menu asap. Thank you for your comments and feedback.

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I’ll be designin in-game settings menu. Thank you for your comments and feedback.

I started to develop that game 7 March 2020. I can say that, it has been 3 months since first prototype.


The art style is super nice! And the network code seems solid, it plays out very smoothly.

Great work Cem Demir.


Amazing! The level of polish in this game is incredible. Don’t forget to add it here:


Thanks Leonidas!

Thank you for your comments Will, I sent pull-request for it.

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How did you go about building the UI? It looks awesome!

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I Died immediately after joining

I use PlayCanvas’s UI system, it’s fast and easy and it works properly on all browsers. It also respects different device sizes, I would never write HTML + CSS after using PlayCanvas’s UI system :slight_smile:

I also draw vectors in Adobe Illustrator and use Photoshop to give some different effects if needed.


I’m sorry for your unfortunate experience. You probably joined a session that was already active. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that. Maybe after dying, try your best and kill them all :slight_smile:

this game is an example of the power of playcanvas and JS in general.

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dont worry…Į̴̛͎͋̍̃̋ ̶̬̦̠͛̆W̶͙̹̯̟͔͈̞̒́̅̋̾̌̂͜I̷̫̥̣̮̣̖͔̤͖̿͑̓̆̽̚Ļ̸͍̥͆̇̐͒̌̄̑́̃͝L̸̢̛̬̰̹͔̰̱̻͓͍̆̉̒̊̀͗̑̑̈́̇̈́̆͝

Did I just play a high quality game on my mobile without worrying about installation and updates?!!

This game will be a big success as soon as it is published :+1::+1:


Very polished, reminds me of Overwatch. Art style was a great choice too, between performance and aethetics, that’s definitely the way to go.