Sharing a Fur Script

Sharing a basic fur shader, only used it for a specific project, but can be modified:

project url:
1: only works on flat surface, to make it on any mesh, instead of placing a mesh higher, scale it to all sides proportionaly.
2: really slow when zoomed upclose, workswell when needed to express alot of detail from afar.
3: merged into shader chunks, so supports pbr material properties fully.


Nice work. I’d love to see a good fur shader implementation in PlayCanvas.

On my macbook I get a bald spot around the ball. Not sure if this is intentional or not?

Also, I’d definitely recommend actually publishing a build of work in progress. It lets people access the app without going through the editor, which means they don’t have to be logged in. Also it unlocks the devlog on the main site, so you can share your progress there as well.

the bald spot is caused by the shader, I left some grass bending code in there somewhere, the actual ball size is much smaller than supplied in settings.
What this actually needs is a single VBO with same geometry multiplied many times. This is barely a hack that I came up with quickly, not planning to improve it further. only had a week of learning canvas, trying to get bit deeper into the engines internals first :stuck_out_tongue: