Shaders error generated

Hi, hope you guys are doing well. I need a little help regarding the shaders. I’m using the blur functionality but once I use this in my project then it shows me an error . Even like it affected the other image element screens which shows me a black screen on the image element.

Shader [Shader Id 0 FirstBlurShader] requires texture sampler [uSceneColorMap] which has not been set, while rendering [drawQuadWithShader | Pass:RenderPass-drawQuadWithShader-Blur: Horizontal | QuadRender]

here is the above error which Im facing.Need help thanks

Hi @Zillo,

This shader seems to require the colormap grabpass to be made available, to do that enable the Color Grabpass in your active camera:

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i have enabled the depth and color Grabpass but showing me an error still :frowning:

Does the effect work? In some cases this error may show for a single frame only and afterwards consume the required map as expected. If there an issue try sharing a repro project, it helps the team troubleshoot.