Shader errors

playcanvas spams with these messages you can see on picture
Shader [Shader Id 3 LitShader-forward-proc] requires texture sampler [uSceneColorMap] which has not been set

here is the code:

CameraManager.prototype.initialize = function() 

here is the camera component

Do you maybe have more than one camera rendering those meshes?

@mvaligursky Absolutely not, I have only one main camera in my scene

One other thing. You have layers that are used by the camera. Typically World, then Depth, then World Transparent and others.

When the Depth layer is processed, a copy of the scene texture is taken. Then following layers can use it - typically World Transparent.

This texture is not available before the Depth layer. In your case, the error suggests that a mesh in the World(Opaque) layer is trying to use it, which is not allowed.

You need to move the mentioned mesh to be rendered in a layer after the Depth layer.

there are only two render layers available for me