Shader compiling issue

hi everyone, In my build im having tons of these messages : “precompile-shaders.js: engine version mismatch, rebuild shaders lib with current engine” , how to rebuild that ?

Thank you in advance for help

This is what you need:

alternatively, you can remove precompile-shaders.js - which does not actually compile shaders anyways, it only generates shaders.

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Hi, thanks you for help, can you please elaborate how to apply this fix ?

You call the function mentioned from the debug console, after running the game for a while to collect all shaders. This would then generate file and ask you to save it. You’d need to use it instead of the previous file (the one printing the error).

Still trying to figure out where those files are, and now, withouth applying any change i got tons of these messages :" orogramLibrary#getProgram: Cache miss for shader standard key 1564885635 after shaders precaching"

Why I’m gettig this, I would like to learn the pipeline behind this, thank you for help and support.

I’d suggest simply removing this file from your project, possibly called precompile-shaders.js - as it’s benefits are very small in the best case. It’s not a public feature of the engine.

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Chances are that someone on your team did the precompile.js to try to optimise some parts of the project. It be best asking that person on your team.