Several error after update

it has been a while since i used again my pro account, now i need to update a project wich is already online (and working).
But when i launch the project for preview, it does not show some graphic element and browser report me several errors.
i copy one of those errors here:

Shader [Shader Id 3 LitShader-processed] requires texture sampler [clusterWorldTexture] which has not been set, while rendering [Pass:RenderAction 0-4 Cam: Camera | Camera | World | Lathe]

how can i solve?
thank you.

Please see thread: Lots of shader error messages after new update

This particular error is not listed in the post u linked. Anyway, for future ppl who can have the same error,
there is a voice in the settings under “rendering”: clusterWorldTexture is activated, u have to disable it.

Sorry, which option?

“Clustered Lighting”. need to disable this voice under rendering

That’s interesting, you shouldn’t need to disable that unless you have some customised rendering going on :thinking:

Can you create similar project that has the same issue for us to investigate please?

Sure, first i have to finish my work :smiley: Then i’ll provide a public copy.
thank you

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