Same project run on new version spend much more memory

My project was created by engine 1.54.2. because I wrote some shader chunks , so I never updete engine to latest.these days I rewrite all shader chunks in my project and update project.
but there is a big problem:
The new app build from latest use too much memory at runtime. Totally increase by three times and more.
So I useed earlier version to test, I used 1.63(the
earliest version I can find). I found it has the same problem.
So the runtime engine must have some key change in some version between.
Question: what can I do to solve this memory problem?is there some sitting options to selet?

This is hard to say, really. In launcher press ALT+T and see the profiler VRAM consumption breakdown (you can scroll profiler down). That should give you an idea of what eats the memory. If I would guess it, probably lights? Maybe shadowmap texture is too high resolution for some of them.