Running PlayCanvas engine from source code

hi! how would i run the playcanvas engine/editor from its source code? i am working on a visual scripting editor for playcanvas, and i need a way to test the editor in the engine.

While the Engine is open source, the Editor is not. You can use the Editor API to add extra functionality including extra panels, etc: Editor API | Learn PlayCanvas

You can run the editor and launch tab with a locally hosted version of the Engine via this method: Using a Custom Engine | Learn PlayCanvas

if i run the engine locally, will the ui editor part show up? I need a way to be able to create a new button in the playcanvas engine ui so that it will create a new script for my visual scripting.

aren’t you part of the playcanvas team? am i able to get the editor code to add my visual editor, or join the playcanvas team? i have had over 9 years of development experiance, mostly in javascript and python.


I’m afraid not unless you apply for one of our open roles here:

You don’t need to do either to get your UI to show up as you can use either the Editor API with Violent Monkey Chrome extension (basically running extra code on top of PlayCanvas via the browser) or with Leonidas’ Editor Scripting Chrome extension:

You can see some of his work running on top of the Editor without actually needing to run the Editor locally: Released: Artemis Animation Timeline

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ok thank you

unfortunately, i am not probably qualified to apply for a job due to my time constraints. i hope that you guys at playcanvas will add my visual editor to the engine once it is done though!

As mentioned in the github discussion, the engine is open source so you can make your own PR to the engine and also, I see this being an add on library like playcanvas tween, playcanvas spine, 8th Wall AR library and Zappar AR library

alright thanks for the help. you can change this to solved now.

Though I really like this Unity-like editor customization, it’s such a GLITCH to mix CSS code within a game-related project :grimacing:

wait i lied i have one more question. if i make the editor, and i send just the editor to you guys, will you be able to make it into a library for the engine?

No, that will be down to you to make the editor and runtime integration. Again, similar to how Leonidas has done his plugins and the other libraries I mentioned before

No need to add it to the project. The Editor part will be injected JS code on top of the Editor and the files can be hosted else where. Eg a github repo or be part of a Chrome extension.

The runtime integration would just be a JS file

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