REST API updating .js and parse


I’m trying to update a .js file and start parsing for it. About updating - so far so good.
The file is uploaded, it is correct, but every time I add something new, I have to click parse manually.

It wouldn’t be such a problem if not this, that I have quite many problems with inserting Vue into Playcanvas. It seems that only way would be:

  • compiling the file without importing Vue
  • sending it through REST api
  • automated parsing (??)
  • compiling it again with Vue
  • and sending again

If I compile it with Vue, there’s always an error ‘document’ not defined, but I cannot do much about Vue package, and it wouldn’t be the most reliable way (I could never update Vue without next hours of bug fixing).

I know, I can also make another external app which would use Playcanvas as an Iframe, but the goal is to have all in one place for me and other guys.

So the question is: is there any possibility of automated parsing through REST api or maybe I missed something other in this case?

@will @vaios I’m adding also you guys, coz as I saw here, you seem to know this topic very well

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Hi @nagel,

I think there isn’t a way to call Parse from an endpoint. In our Poseidon Remote Coding extension we had to call it using Javascript, and sync it to be called after the asset gets updated.

I think this is a valid request to have it available in the Rest API, since parsing a script is usually the final step of updating a script asset.

I think this is a valid request …

That’s generally a good idea. Do you know where I can write feature request?

Sure, you can raised editor related requests to this repository:

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Posted here: :slight_smile:

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