Render vs Model Component?

Render vs Model is there any difference?

Render component is an upcoming feature, which will replace model component in the future. It has not been announced yet. @mvaligursky may have more details.

Render component is still in ‘beta’ mode. We are releasing it as part of the engine so we can work with it internally and beta users.

I wouldn’t use it yet.

At the moment when you import fbx file into the Editor, you get a model. When you add a model to scene, you see a single Entity with model on it. If you need to do anything with its hierarchy, you need to use script and access internal hierarchy inside model. This makes it hard to add additional child entities to it, animate it using generic animation system and similar.

Render component is designed to change it. When you import fbx to render type, you get a template with whole hierarchy inside. When you add it to the scene, you see and can modify / animate the hierarchy.


I have one project using the RENDER component, but I don’t want it! It’s breaking my project. How can I stop it from using RENDER and make it use MODEL for basic primitives again?

See Creating a primitive in my project is broken - #4 by yaustar