Released: Aphrodite Starter Kit Planet with Points

Aphrodite Starter Kit Planet with Points

A PlayCanvas ready to play starter kit with easy to configure points and orbits on an animated globe sphere.

See a live sample here!

A complete PlayCanvas project is forked and added to your account. You will be receiving a ready to play project, with mobile-friendly assets and access to the full source code.

You can use it to make a strategy game, an air-booking app or just as a playground for rendering data in 3D!

Features list:

  • 3D globe model extruded to showcase in detail the surface of the earth.
  • Animated water shader which can be easily configured.
  • Water/land textures blended with colors of your choice.
  • Day/night shader effect with city lights fading in/out.
  • Dynamic point generation from a simple JSON file. No coding required to update the points.
  • Dynamic orbit/points connection line from the same JSON file. Again, no coding required!
  • Orbits are rendered using a Bezier 4-point curve which correctly calculates the path for both long and short distances.
  • A complete picker class supporting mouse/touch events: click down/up/hover on element.
  • Simple UI elements are already in place: game menu and city modal.
  • All points use real world latitude and longitude so you easily place a new point with accuracy.
  • Support for multiple languages using a simple localization JSON file per language.
  • Performance is great:
    • All points are batched automatically resulting in draw calls being less than 10.
    • All textures are compressed in VRAM, total texture size is <30MB
    • Polygon count is quite low <40K
  • Camera controls are very easy to configure and use the standard PlayCanvas model viewer scripts. Expanded to support animation methods which you can easily invoke.

Get it now here:

Hi Leonidas,

The link was broke on iOS ( low frame rate, aspect is wrong ) the first few times I tried to load it.

( see also Different speeds and crash on iOS with new Model Viewer Starter Kit scene )

When it did load after the fourth refresh, it worked great ( nice and smooth ), the visuals of the destination lines are very cool, using 4-point Bezier curves! I’ll def keep it in mind if I need any of those features for a project.

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Thanks @Mal_Duffin for catching this!

Indeed you are correct, the infamous PlayCanvas iOS issue is still unresolved. Will update the urls with the non-iframed build.

@will any idea when we might be able to see a fix for this?

Many thanks, again.

Example project created based on this starter kit:, a company portfolio website.