Realtime chat

I need help on making a chat on my game
any help on doing this?

You would either have to write the system yourself which would require hosting a server and handling the message sending/receiving or use a third party service

More details in this thread: Multiplayer chat

You could also iframe a Discord server widget too

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im on a school computer too


I would suggest to look on youtube creating a websocket chat (this can be using socket io, ws, or any other websocket library)

You only need a basic understanding of websockets just create a websocket server (i use ws library) link that to your game via editor then communicate between other clients inside console. Then you can make a ui for this.

Its simple to learn just search some tutorials on youtube for it then you can watch them and easily create a similar in your game. For server perhaps you can use a blank project and link that your playcanvas via URL

If youtube is blocked on school then wait till you get home. If you do not have computer at home then :poop: