Multiplayer chat

I am wondering how I would go about putting a chat system in my game. one like the one built into the playcanvas editor. so players could communicate and team up to fight other bean soldiers.

link to Bean Warfare: WW2 -

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This was on the first page when I googled for it.

along with many other options. Maybe explore some of those?

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im on a school computer and that site is blocked. but thank you for trying

There multiple ways and services to create a chat room feature. I recommend having a search online for them and which one suits you best.

ok thanks

Here’s an example of widgets you could add:

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Is it possible for me to just make a text-editable bar in the player UI and when the player clicks on it it’s editable, let the player type in said bar, then when the player is done typing and presses enter it creates a copy of said text into a box on the ui therefor there would be no need for a websocket or anything like that?

also, I looked u up @yaustar, and your famous, dude!

Text editable fields aren’t yet supported. Also, you will need something to send the text to other players which will be some form of networking.

It looks like is free and easy to integrate so I would start with that.


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let me look at that on a seppret device because it’s blocked on my laptop.

and your welcome, it also seems to be that your one of the more appreciated adn liked moderators/team members. so that’s cool!

how would i go about adding this to the project

wait i see. do all i have to do is add the embeded to the project?

Will this work

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