Random WIP Bullshittery

Ahoi :beers:

anybody wanting to dump some wip pic/vids without opening a new thread? yeah, you found the dump!

I will start off with my first playcanvas menu. The effortless resizing is really noice :ok_hand:


Customers keep asking for gender-neutral avatars. So we created a… sphere. Phew, everyone is happy so dodged that bullet :smiley: At least it has a dark personality :face_with_monocle:

I used the Music Visualizer to set the intensity of the blue speech-stripe.

The captions are synchronized :mantelpiece_clock:

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My first Button :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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What is WIP? :see_no_evil:

It means, Work in Progress, I think.

Yes I think you are right! :joy:

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Working on the case of the Infinite Scroller Problem

Current progress:

The code is sloppy but works :face_with_monocle: :innocent:


Looks good :+1:

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I like buttons :mask: :smile:

My first 2 hours into playcanvas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The video is centered, only the gif is cropped, no worries :slight_smile:

I am still the only one programming playcanvas at my company but the project managers and customers are gradually getting convinced of the simplicity and rapid development cycles using the engine.

Cheers :beers:



Robo zapping things :rocket:



Though gaahl doesn’t look a 360° Viewer, he secretly is one :shushing_face:

Tried the Scrollview today; works :slight_smile:

Since the mousewheel events are not binded I created a ScrollbarMouseWheel.js script that you can attach to the Scrollbar.

Peek 2020-10-14 21-51

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Nice! Thank you @Sebastian! :pray:

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Can I use it too?

Sure! :beers:

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wow you have made some crazy things

I don’t do the modeling; only logic. But thanks :slight_smile:

Anyone need a simple FOVZoomScript ?

Trying out Camera movements:

Still working on that Chromakey :beers:

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I wanted a blurry logo on an old TV screen. The process of getting there was kinda fun:

Started out with a simple logo:

First I uploaded the logo to https://photomosh.com/ where you can create GIFs with awesome effects.

I used Bad TV and RGB Shift



Next, I search on Turbosquid to find a suitable TV set. Found the one from the Videotextures Tutorial and went with it :slight_smile:


Following the Video Textures Tutorial I attached the videotextures script and set the ScreenMirror Material of the model as the target texture.

Since this approach does not work with GIFs I searched the Forums and found @will 's GIF to MP4 Conversion suggestion. Works like a charm.

The only downside was a chrome error since there isn’t any audio track included:
2020-11-01 11_30_43-Window

Found a suitable tv noise sound effect on www.soundjay.com.
You can add an audio track to an MP4 file with a nifty tool called MP4Box:

MP4Box -add tv-static-01.mp3 myvid.mp4

Slight adjustments to the tiling of the vidtexture:
And added an outward-facing spotlight.

And that was basically it :slight_smile: