Race track files

Does anyone have a cool fbx racetrack file I could use? i have none but I have a cool racing game.
link 4 game:DriftinCars - PLAYCANVAS

@THENERDYONE Here is a link to Kenny.

Also on this forum.

@Tirk182 hey, I’m very sorry, but I’m on a school computer and I can’t download it. If you could download it and just post the file, that would be awesome

@THENERDYONE I am also sorry but maybe this post can help.

That’s not what I meant sorry I was kinda cryptic. I am on a school laptop and can download stuff, but that website for me is blocked, and when I use a proxy and try to download it, it does not show up as the right type of file, and I cant convert it. I was wondering if you could attach the zip file of these tracks to a comment so I can download them from here.

@Tirk182 kinda like i added this png

This forum is not for distributing or sharing third party assets. You would need to find another way.

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so im screwed

I mean in theory It would be possible to download those files on your Phone, upload them to lets say Google Drive and then Download on your school Laptop.
There are many creative ways to get to where you want to be :wink:

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@THENERDYONE Or you could actually talk to someone either a teacher or administrator at your school. I don’t think it would be a very hard sell since you are learning programming by using Playcanvas as a educational tool. Actually you are maybe doing this on your own time which proves that you are eager to learn.

My son and daughter have the same situation in our school. You are given a Chromebook so everyone can have a way to access their work and be productive. The school is protecting themselves and you by making sure they are not misused.

I would say that it would show the school that you are honest and you are eager to learn if you ask them for support.


You can also add a team member to your project who is be able to download and upload it. :upside_down_face: