How to Unzip Files on Chromebook

I Have Been having problems unzipping files on chrome.

@Thebosser_24 Are you following these steps?

How to Zip and Unzip Files on a Chromebook | Digital Trends

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Oh, i am not able to. It is in gray, i think my school “blocked” it

@Thebosser_24 I can believe this. Most schools that give you a laptop will lock them down for the protection of school. This is very standard operation as my son also has this same issue.

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but thanks, because ima do this when i get my own computer

is there a way around it?

@Thebosser_24 I am unaware of a way around it. If you talk to your school’s administration they may help. This is really to prevent any legal issues with students doing things that they should not be doing with school property. If you are using this for school related education or class work, they may understand but it is unlikely. Also, keep in mind that .zip files may contain viruses or destructive executables inside and once unzipped they could cause a security or virus issue to the schools system itself. I wish I had a better answer for you.

You can’t open the zip file and copy the files to another destination on your Chromebook?

@Thebosser_24 I know you had a game going before and had an unfortunate issue that halted your development. From what I remember is that you had some assets like rifles and other things inside your game project. How did you get those into your Chromebook before?

Also, the file that you are trying to unzip, is it on your google drive or is it in your downloads directory of your Chromebook? This will make a big difference when trying to unzip. I think this may be what @Albertos was explaining.


on my deleted game, i had models because my Old game had them and I forked the game, my friend is the one who did the files, and he wouldn’t tell me how

and I had done it through the files app

Maybe try this: Read a zip file (demo zip.js)

It unzips files locally in your browser


I got it, and Now its just a page thing
the encoding of names is CP437
and I put it as a SceneGltf

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what do i do with the page thing?