Problems with font rendering in text elements in a published game

Hi all,
I have a problem with my game, when I publish it the texts in the element text are not shown.
I used the roboto google font.

When I play the game througth the editor all is working fine:

But when I publish ( ) I have no texts!

I noticed that in the console in the publishd version, I got errors on loading images ( I suppese that this images are the fonts rendered ):

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)

Is it a bug of Playcanvas or I missed something?

Is this something you can reproduce in new project or is it only this project where the issue is?

I have not tryed in a new project.
The project where the issue is it’s almost old, about one year.

I have already tried creating a new test project, the issue is it not appearing, so is this a problem on older projects?
How can I resolve this?

Try processing the font again (select it in the asset explorer and click process at the bottom).
Also try uploading the ttf again.

I tryed various things, at last it is working.
For me the problem is generated by the large characters font selected:
Because I need many specials characters, because the game’s text are localized in many languages:
for exaple Romanian, Greek, Italian, etc…
So I selected a very large Range in the font resource “CUSTOM CHARACTER RANGE”.
Now limiting the range to a lower set of chars works.

Is the bitmap too big when I selected large range ?

Odd that it doesn’t load at all even if the bitmap is large :thinking: That does sound like a bug in itself.