Possible render bugs on mobile


We are experiencing some rendering bugs (self-shadows, texturing, opacity) on mobile/tablet devices (mainly iPhone and iPad). Could you check and see if it is something we are doing wrongly or a possible bug?

Thank you in advance,

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Could you please post a link to actual project where we can see an issue, and describe what is actually wrong.
As just screenshot does not give enough information of what you are doing and what is the exact problem you are experiencing.

Hello Max, I am sending you a PM.

@max, did you get my PM?

The main problems that we are getting are:

  • Model is rendered broken, with large holes on mobile (photos 1, 3, 4).
  • Model self-shadows are wrong (photos 2).

Hi @Leonidas

Your issues seem to be related to this? [SOLVED] Texture Tiling [BUG] on IE and EDGE

Does this help at all?