PlayCanvas team - Lag

Hello devs, Im lagging really badly I thought it was my laptop but my sister hopped on playcanvas and she got lagged also. Why?

(Happens when I put on launch but a few seconds then It works)

What do you mean by ‘lag’? Is this in your game, editor? When does it happen? What steps were you taking up to the point when it lagged?

yeah, editor can i send you the link?

Does the lag occur when you open the editor?

no when I put on launch in editor

When does it lag on launch? When the orange bar is full? Before the logo and bar show up?

then i wait like a minute then it works :confused:

No during, when the orange bar is filling up then i cant chat and my sister had the same problem

What PC specs are you running this on?

Im on chromebook my sister was on windows 10 (acer)

Is the orange bar still moving when it ‘lags’?

I’ll see now

Nope, doesn’t move at all

then the orange bar goes away and I wait like 1 minute and then Im in

Wait, Im not sure but I think I fixed the problemo. I remember I put it on debug then pressed launch and I just deleted debug and it goes much more quicker then with debug on.

Just to be clear, this isn’t lag, this basically a long ‘loading’ time. You have a model that is 40.1MB with almost 400K triangles being used as a collision mesh

The engine has to create a physics mesh from this model and that is what is causing the long loading time as you can see in the web profiler:

Solution: Don’t use the model as the collision volume and use a box or sphere instead.

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ok thanks I’ll use box collision instead!

Omg, yes that problem is solved thank you! I used box collision and i’m in already

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Do you need any help with your project

no thanks, I got a coder and that was all I needed tbh. So, rest of the game I do it myself