PlayCanvas team - Lag

Well can he help me with my project

Who? @Yaustar?

@Yastuar is your coder he is helping with your poject

No, My coder is @Yuri_Murray

Oh I’m working on a project with him

Its a girl.

Sorry I’m not feeling myself

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And, Why is that?

I have a bug to report and my girlfriend dumped me and she was cheating

Oh frick, that is kinda sad. I feel sorry for you. Also, did you find the collectible?

Yea was it the wall

Yes, If ghosts could go through a wall, couldn’t we all? :slight_smile:

Can you help with my game pls
I really need it I will add your friend pls just for 30 mins

I’d love too but I have to go I have been on playcanvas for 9 hours and counting…

Well how do you make walls hard