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How 'bout something simple like a list view (text) instead of having a choice of only small or large icons along that show truncated file names. I’m getting REALLY tired of hunting for my item by hovering over icons to get the full file name. Isn’t a simple text listing one of the most basic ways to show files/entities?

Code Editor - A shortcut to jump to a line number. Such as CTRL + G in VSCode

Editor - Unlit lighting mode. If I have a dark-lit game it’s useful to have an unlit mode in the edtior to view models, etc. clearly.

In the meantime you can just add a Directional Light that doesn’t cast shadows and toggle it on/off as needed.

Is the PlayCanvas Editor opensource?

I don’t think so, but am not sure. There is an API though.

Unfortunately, no. Source is viewable and public, but not open source.


Let me start by saying the PlayCanvas Editor seems like a terrific tool. I’m looking into using it for client work, it really cuts down on dev time.

I have a few points that would improve the tool for me:

  • I want to be able to scroll in an input field to increase/decrease the numeric value
  • I want to be able to disable select on an entity in the scene (pinning / locking)
  • I want to be able to define the details (segments, rows, columns) of a cylinder, sphere, etc. Current cylinder is too low poly for my use-cases.

Most importantly:

Oh and of course:

  • Prefabs :wink:



Hi BlueSteelAU (and/or others in similar situations :slight_smile: )

I know this is an old thread (5 yrs), but I have to share my discoveries within this area.
Many times I have forgotten my mouse while visiting family for some days. Here I try to work as efficient as possible, but difficult without having full control of editor without the middle-mouse button that isn’t available on a laptop mouse-pad.

A) Normal use of left mousepad btn will give you orbit around center object on screen, by finger swipe.
B) Hold down ‘shift’ + ‘Alt’ keys + Left mouse pad btn: for then to swipe. You will notice that you now are panning the camera view instead. This seems very useful, as one (at the same time) can use Right mouse pad btn to dolly camera view around camera’s own center.
C) For one-armed/disabled users: put tape on to hold down/keep down (or by other similar measures) the ‘shift’ and ‘Alt’ buttons. Then user free fingers to hold down left mousepad button/left mouse button to pan the view (cf B for dolly, as this still works while ‘shift’ and ‘Alt’ being down).

(ps: I am a bit busy, so bare with me if not all ‘camera movement terms’ are correct - as such please reply with updates for correctness :slight_smile: )

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how do you insert models.

What do you mean by ‘insert’?

Do you mean upload @Beckham_Olson ? In that case, upload your FBX file in the assets folder. Once that’s done, you’ll see a JSON file with the same name. Drag it onto the scene, and it’ll appear in your hierarchy.

The Editor becomes terribly slow today for my small project, it took me 3 minute to enter the scene editor and 10 minute to enter the code editor. Please help!!! (worked fine yesterday).

@Phoenix Is it still an issue for you? Where are you accessing it from too? The service can be slower in some countries than others unfortunately :frowning:

Edit: We’ve made some changes on the backend service, please let me know there is a still an issue

Thanks for your prompt response, it’s loading normal now. I am accessing the server from the major ISP from Taiwan. Wasn’t a issue before till today. But it’s OK now. Thanks a lot!


I spent some time learning PlayCanvas and made simple game with it. I come from Unity background and found PS when searching for alternatives because WebGL is such a second class platform for Unity.

Overall, a lot of positive things - clean looking and feature rich editors, tiny footprint, fast deployment, super easy hosting. And as Unity user PC is very fast to learn, since it is also ECS based.

Some negatives about the editor:

-Adding a script/asset seemingly does nothing (no loading indicator). It takes several seconds for the asset to appear in the Assets panel. So better UX is needed. And worst thing is, sometimes the asset does not appear until a browser refresh is done!

-Comma is not accepted as a decimal separator, only dot seems to work. When using a scandinavian keyboard (where the num pad has a comma button) it makes typing numbers to input fields tedious - Unity accepts both comma an dot, so should PS. Sometimes the editor even crashes (shows error stating a refresh must be done) when an “invalid” value like ‘0,5’ is given to a text field.

-Creating a sprite is weird and tedious process - you first have to import a .png, then convert it to a texture atlas and then covert the atlas to a sprite. More streamlined workflow would be better (like, maybe ability to choose the target asset type in the .png import settings?)


Thanks for the feedback!

Good shout. Added a request to the repo:

Are there any other issues you have with using a scandinavian keyboard with either the scene editor or the code editor?

There’s an option to cut one step of this in the project settings.

We are thinking about making a per asset import option pop up or something along those lines to make it easier.


Blockquote[quote=“yaustar, post:323, topic:616”]
Are there any other issues you have with using a scandinavian keyboard with either the scene editor or the code editor?

Not that I can think of.

But I just noticed that export project -feature takes forever (= “Preparing - Your export will be ready in a few seconds.” never finishes) on Chrome. No errors are visible in console. On Firefox it worked as expected.

Something that would be really nice is the ability to download a scene’s json (as the ones that are downloaded using the publish button), sometimes I just get to change something in a scene and I have to redownload the whole publish file which can sometimes take forever to prepare. This could also make offline workflows a little bit faster.

I’ve been using PS for a couple of months now and im mostly happy. However, one of the most annoying bugs in the editor is sometimes when you create an asset (eg. script or texture atlas), it doesnt appear in the Assets until you refresh the the editor. The behaviour seem quite random. Is this a known issue?

Another related issue is the lack of feedback when creating asset - there is several seconds between the moment of the user action that triggers the asset creation and the moment something actually happens in the editor. There should be at least some “creating asset…” indicator in the bottom bar or something.

Also these collapsable orange circle icons in the inspectors are waaaay too small their state (collapsed or uncollapsed). Maybe make the arrow in them a lot more apparent?


Im on latest Chrome on Windows 10.