PlayCanvas Editor Feedback

Hi @dipscom, I’ve fixed problem rotation vector, somehow it become [ null, null, 0 ], I will have to investigate of how it has happened, thank you for a report, this is useful bits. Especially if you will find a way to replicate it.

By the way the new editor had some recent updates this week:

  • Sticky asset previews
  • Some styling
  • Color Channel selection for textures in material
  • Material editor updates with various parameters and UX behaviour
  • Refraction for material if CubeMap is set
  • Many bug fixes and improvements

First iteration of PBR is coming! :slight_smile:

I like the look of the editor. . .and without reading the above posts thoroughly. . .a few things standout:

  1. allow for the translate/rotate/scale toolbar to be closer to the scene view
  2. move the perspective, maximize, and launch tools to the top left
  3. any chance to get the asset tabs back, and in order of importance (model, material, texture, audio, etc.)
  4. sort assets by name
  5. keep the search
  6. assigning an asset to a component, audio or model for instance, the actual selection process looks confusing, quite dim
  7. likewise, enabling / disabling a component is not called out as much I’d like it to be (not necessarily screaming but something brighter to indicate that it is in fact enabled)
  8. Some controls text content are clipped, for example, the Name, and Transform (Position, Rotation, and Scale).
  9. The scripts are not showing up either. Maybe you haven’t gotten this far yet. I can add a script but no list, nor intellisense of matching scripts.

I had an existing script that contained custom code. When I assigned the script to a model, by typing the script name, the script content was overwritten with the default template. Need to be careful with this one :smiley:

After looking at this issue a little more closely it turns out that the code is in Github but the PlayCanvas editor isn’t loading the file. Instead it appears to be creating it’s own version, also marked READ-ONLY, while in fact the Github version indeed contains the correct code.

In material inspector
: you have this effect of the material preview resizing when scrolling
: this effect makes scrolling twitchy and basically impossible (to the very bottom) when there isn’t enough content for the preview to reach it’s minimal value, e.g. when the screen height is big enough and most of the panels are folded.
: tested in latest Firefox and Opera -> smooth scrolling disabled

As r2d2 stated there is a problem with adding scripts. My repo is not on github but on bitbucket and these are the steps and results:

  1. Assigned a script to an entity by typing it’s name.
  2. Refresh script attributes:
  1. Went to project -> code -> {file}.js and saw a default playcanvas script instead of the custom one (I wonder how many people didn’t have the code backed up somewhere)
  2. After doing Sync the script was replaced with the custom one (from bitbucket).
  3. In the editor Refresh Scripts attributes still gets a 404.

Hi @redka - yeah, I noticed the problem with scrolling the material inspector too (using Chrome on Win8.1). @max can you check if this happens on the Mac too?

I’ve already suggested this somewhere else, but this is the function I’m missing really a lot so I’ll say it here again:

It would be great to select multiple entitys at once, so you could move all of them around without changing the distance between them.
There are other less things to do with them as well.

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These issues have now been fixed guys - Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

Hey @r2d2, thanks for feedback, few comments:

You can actually use 1,2,3 keys on keyboard to switch between those tools, even easier as it is very common place to have your hand around.

You think that combobox “Filter” does not suits your needs? By the way you can hold-click to select options there.
As number of types of assets grow and will grow in future, it won’t be possible to fit them in a bar as they used to be before.

There are many ways you can do it, by clicking on picker, or by dragging asset onto slots you want it to be assigned to.

@redka, thanks for feedback
Yes we noticed that tiny issues with scrolling in inspector with preview, will have a look at that.
Thank you a lot for detailed reproduction steps, that is very useful.

@Detzt, multi-selection is in development, so it will happen :slight_smile:

I have noticed that it’s not longer possible to duplicate materials. Is it intentional?

I found a little bug on the editor. It occurs when I have a lot of entities in the Pack Explorer, and they overflow below the bottom of the panel:

Let’s say I want to click and drag drag the Lights entity below my 2-Z entity. Instead of just having the panel scroll down, the entire HTML document shifts downward, effectively hiding my top menu and toolbar, and showing a lot of grey space at the bottom:

The only way to get my top toolbars back is either by refreshing the page, or dragging another entity to the top of the page.

This will come back soon.

Thanks for the feedback @marquizzo. Just a note, this thread is about the feedback for the new version of the Editor. The old version you are using is going to be deprecated shortly.

You can enable the new version in your project settings.

How about folder/tree view of the assets? Currently the only semi-sane way of finding anything is the search :smile:

Oh, my mistake. In that case, I’m looking forward to playing with the new editor!

@moka, as @redka mentioned, and suggested by others, a folder structure is a much more practical and useful feature instead of the filters drop down.

A folder structure allows us to organize content relavent to us, regardless of what type it is. Any chance of getting this feature?

@r2d2, @redka, we have a big revamp of the asset system coming up. We need to make sure the Editor is stable, but soon after that we will have a new asset management system which includes folders. It’s coming soon.

Weird bug in Perspective view. It looks good in other view mode(top, bot etc…)

@Thirty9 is that nothing appears in perspective view? Try flicking on root entity, and then hit “F” on keyboard. Let me know if that fixes it.

Thank you! it fixed!

Added introduction to the editor. It will appear only to people who never have seen it and have write access to the scene.
As well as controls help window, shown after introduction or accessible from menu > help > controls.
And added links in menu help section.

@marquizzo scrolling should be added in new editor now, so if you drag entity close to edge it will scroll.