PlayCanvas Cloud Build

Hi fellow PlayCanvas enthusiasts,

we have developed a Cloud Build backend for PlayCanvas projects to improve our production pipeline:


The main features are:

  • Builds: Conveniently generate manually builds with one click or set up auto builds (e.g. nightly builds)
  • Branches: You can choose which branch to build from
  • Scenes: Add/Remove scenes per build if needed
  • Custom Settings: Change settings (e.g. Allow Cheats YES/NO) per build. Also custom fields with primitive values are supported and can be accessed in runtime
  • Post Build procedures: For instance, it can automatically add the “viewport-fit=cover” meta tag to your index.html, so your game gets displayed fullscreen on iOS devices. You can also add custom files per build.
  • Versioning: The Version number gets automatically displayed in the build
  • User Management: Add multiple users with your organisation E-Mail adress with different permissions (In development)
  • Easy Sharing: Builds get automatically uploaded to a server and are easily shareable (e.g. with your customer)
  • Mobile Testing: A QR code is generated, so you can test the build on your mobile device without typing the URL
  • Logging: Throw errors or warnings, e.g. when you have whitespaces in your asset names (which some servers don’t encode correctly)
  • File size overview: Hunt down the biggest files in your build
  • Asana Integration: When a build has finished, it generates automatically a card in your Asana board with a link to the build (we can also do a JIRA or Trello integration).
  • Auto-delete: Old builds can be automatically deleted, to free up server space

Currently this is just a tool we use internally. But if someone is interested in using it for themselves, let us know!

Maybe this tool at some point could even be integrated into the environment? @dave @will @vaios

The tool uses the PlayCanvas REST API, thanks a lot for providing it!

Rene & Team


That is a very elaborate tool, I can definitely see so many uses even for smaller teams.

You must be producing quite a number of Playcanvas games and apps, keep up the good work.

Thanks for sharing!

Looks great so far

That’s fantastic, I sent you an email @dexter_deluxe

Since the video link is down, I’ve re-upped it:

Wow, thats a very good tool!
I saw a glimpse of the games you guys built, can you share the games you have made so far?

Thanks @Saad_Haider

Most of the games are featured within the “Toggolino” App, where you need a subscription to access the games.

But we have also some games playable at a public website.

Made with PlayCanvas:

Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon - Build your Berk

LEGO Friends - Ice cream for everyone and Friendship House

LEGO Jurassic World - Trail Bike Game

Made with Construct 2:

Grizzy and the Lemmings - The Cannon

The Secret World of Santa Claus - Christmas Factory


the video link is down again`````

Thanks for pointing it out @JOKERleon - here you go: Video


Just in case someone stumbles over this old thread: We have renamed the cloud build tool to Blitz:Build and created a new thread for it.

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