Planar Mirror Reflection realtime


I am facing some troubles with reproducing the planar mirror reflection project. The original project:

The reflection does not seem to update when things are moving around.
I forked the original project to see if it does work there and it does.

I have copied the script, shader and made a specific layer for the mirror to work.

Here’s the problem:

There are also some warnings in the log regarding the shader.

Any ideas to get this updating realtime?

Here’s my example project.

I think this project is up to date, use this as a starting point I think

Thanks for the link!
Unfortunately this project also is getting errors. Even though the water seems to be working.

Also I am more looking for a window reflection effect than water. I wasn’t able to remove the water effect.

@LeXXik , sorry to ping you. I see that you recently updated
which is the original from which was forked from. Any chance you remember the steps to update it to work with the latest engine? Or if it does not need to be updated, any idea why my copy is not working?

It seems to work based on what you show. The assert says that the texture is created with size that is not an integer … so for example 200.4. The code needs to be doing Math.Floor of that when creating the texture. I assume it uses main window size and divides it by some constant factor without rounding / flooring to int.

Yes, the water reflection is using a texture of half the resolution. I fixed the errors and deprecated warning.

As for the planar reflections, I will take a look at it later.


Hi @LeXXik ,

Any updates on the planar reflections project?

I would love to use the effect previously possible in that project.

Not yet, unfortunately. I am hoping to find some time for it this week.