Peer to peer multiplayer game

What is needed to set up a PTP game?
What are the basics?
Is it simple?

Hi @Jacob_Mcbride,

Check out this guide I wrote a while back on how to set up Photon Multiplayer in PlayCanvas - Photon Multiplayer Guide & Starter Kit. I hope this helps you.

I tried to follow your steps but failed, as I did with the regular multiplayer tutorial. I need the steps broken down into more simple terms. And does peer to peer mean that each player’s rotation is seen without any networking?

What are you having trouble with? Have you initialised Photon and filled in your appID?

Every multiplayer game will require networking to some extent. However, using Photon(cloud) eliminates the need for you to set up the server yourself, as Photon does that for you.

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Yeah, I have not because I have NO idea what that means.

Can you set up a server for me?

Hi @Jacob_Mcbride,

Like I said, you do not have to set up a server for Photon cloud, it is done for you. If you are unable to understand what I mean in the guide, try reading the official GitHub repo for the plugin - Further, you can also fork my starter kit to see how it works.