[PAID] Need web dev to help hosting my exported game


my project with 3.3MB loads very slow on mobile as I use the playcanvas server (I’ve set everything as not-preload and the test project is actually very light but it will take about 2min to load, crazy), so I have to upgrade and export it on a local host to host it, and make sure to load it quicker.

I’m not familiar with server side hosting stuff so I need to pay someone experienced with this to walk me through.(there’re too many ways to host)

if yo uare interested please contact me.

It’s pretty straightforward. I assume you have an ORG account? You can download the build for self hosting and you just upload it to the server. It’s all static so there is not much setup on the server side. The gotcha is that you have to ensure that that server can ‘serve’ the file types used (eg JSON, DDS etc).

Are you sure that the slow down is due to the server and not the project though?

i dont know reason but i assume because im in china

Ah yes, serving files is a little on the slow side unfortunately due to the servers being in Europe :frowning:

When you try to access the published build on a desktop browser, is it still just as slow?

On desktop it’s way faster than mobile but still not as fast. (just build another empty project to test)

But according to the upgrade doc, it looks like I just need to buy the 15$/month version to export it?

If it is a lot faster on desktop then it suggests that network speed/server is the issue (of course, it’s a bit difficult to know without seeing the project). Do you have any unique features in the game (E.g processing data) that might take a while on load?

Ah yes, sorry. I was thinking of a different feature that you need ORG for. The Personal price tier is fine for self hosting.

No, no, I just have started an empty project to test, here is the link for editor and build


I can quickly export the model viewer project for you to try hosting on your PC if you want to see if the servers are a problem?

all the projects online are slow to me, yes you can try, thanks!

This is the exported build so you self host and test if it is a server problem that you have.


ok i think its pretty straightforward, just like hosting a html online. I will try with a few differernt servers.

I hosted it somewhere, the loading speed increased a lot, but it looks like the cube reflection has never been loaded.

It sends like your server isn’t serving DDS files as images (see thread here: Skybox not rendered or missed in web download of publish)

How to fix does depend on server and the level of access you have.

It’s a bit of the pain, but the right person should be able to configure this in 10 mins. Unfortunately it’s not my area of expertise.

Edit: I also forgot that you should setup the server to enable gzip compression to save on download size. Again that varies on the server/service. I would have thought that generally is enabled by default.

Edit2: Just check your server and it looks like gzip isn’t enabled for your server.

@potatoInHouse are you still having some trouble with hosting? I have some good experience with this. Let me know…

yea, I have solved this by adding dds. into the MIME TYPE