New V 1.62.0 of PlayCanvas breaking whole project... along with older projects

Hello :wave:,

One of my project is not working properly in v 1.62.0.
When i changed version in setting to v 1.61.3 it worked fine…

Also I came to know that forked of older copies of that particular project are also breaking…

As well as i started facing problem with editor in this project.
As i unable to see properly what is happening surrounding in editor…

Any help will be appreciated. :pray:
Thank You!

Hi @Ketan_ATA,

What kind of error are you getting? Are you using any shader chunks based efects? There were breaking changes in v1.62.0, you can check the migration guide here:

After some brief tests through DMs it seems the launch error at least is related to this issue:

Is above changes are live? Or does it will take some time?

Also why this is happening with editor?

I found following error in editor as well…

Short term, you can change clustered lighting shadow type in Project Settings → Rendering → Clustered Lighting Shadow Type → PCF 3x3

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