getLightDefuse() error on 1.62.1, works alright on 1.61.3

Any ideas on how I can fix that? I tried the solution suggested in New V 1.62.0 of PlayCanvas breaking whole project… but it did not help.

Much appreciated!

Are you using VSM shadows? If so, it’s related to this ticket that we are investigating Varience shadow map breaks up fragment shader. · Issue #5273 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

Just been told that your issues is more likely to be a from a custom shader.

There has been a change to the chunks in 1.62 where parameters are passed to light related chunks instead.

More information in the newsletter that we sent out here a few weeks ago: PlayCanvas Engine v1.62 RC - Updates to Shader Chunks and WebGPU

If you are still having issues, please post a public repro project here and we can help you out