Need Help With Coding

Project Name: Bean Beanson
Role Required: Coder/ Script Writer
My Role: Pretty Much Everything Else
My Previous Projects: N/A
Team Size: 1, just me
Project Length: N/A
Compensation: None (I’m Dirt Poor :sweat_smile:)
Project Description: Bean Beanson, our character, has been trapped in a facility, and needs to escape, he used to Bean (See what I did there? Bean, Be an?..No?..Oh…ok.) agent for the FBEANI (You see? Not FBI, F BEAN I, heh…no?..Alright I’ll stop), and learned many skills. In this 16 chapter game, you’re put into 160 levels of fun and pure skill, it’s 10 levels per chapter!
Additional note, I try to work on this on weekdays from 8:00 A.M. to 2:20 P.M., you can work whenever. Thank You!

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Project Name: Bean Beanson
Role Required: Coder/ Script Writer
My Role: Coder/ Script Writer
My Previous Projects: My car game!

I would love to help you with your game! I am a 13 y/o Coder (very experienced) and I went and looked over your code and I am working on making it a very good game! I will keep in touch with you.

Thank you! I will be checking in from time to time
I’ll add you to the project


Whats your username?


Name: Deadshot1m24
Role: Artist (if needed)
Previous Projects include

those are project i’ve worked on… those are only a few of the project that have gained more traction than the others

Sure, but what do you mean by artist?

I added you

like art…
any art like, 3d modeling, texturing, and sprite making
mostly specialize in hand painted textures and modeling


Oh yeah, I have one for you now if your up for it!

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im back

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ok so could you make a pistol?


My username is reileyc

Sorry I didn’t talk for a while, I was busy. :sleeping_bed:

I could code the physics for the pistol! If you want.


added you

oh another thing if you can, is make a better movement script, like in the game karlson, physics based with sliding which gives you speed and wallrunning and time control. sorry if its a lot :sweat_smile:

and again, if its not too much, a better grab system, once again like karlson (I’m going to talk about and referencing it a lot)

I would love to!