Need Help With Coding

Its okay!

oh, so I don’t know if you can help with this or not, but when loading into the game it says “Maximum call stack size exceeded Error loading scripts. Open the browser console for details.”

The reason why is the code I put in there before was way too long. I made it shorter just now, Hope that helps!

ok, ill go see

can you add crouching/sliding to the movement

Sure! I’ll get to work!

ok :+1:
also, if it’s not too much work, can you make it so sliding gives you more speed, and that you gain speed over time while walking (With a speed cap of course)

yo how do i play the game cause im realy wondering how it turns out and i am bored of these other games im also trying to make a karlson game but myn sucks

ill send a link

k thanks it looks real good and im struggling with my sliding mechanic now i can fix it

could i help if not its alright


whats your user

my user is BRUH_SUS_VIDS_I_BOZO_ that’s my actual user

BRUH_SUS_VIDS_I_BOZO_ is my user



addad you

lemme check
im in school rn