Need help in optimization

Hi we are making a simple card game. The game consist of 11 cards with 16-20 elements on each of them. The ui of game is minimalists and contains - user name, profile picture, timers, score and few more information like settings etc. Also we have a lot of animations - created using tween library.
The game is meant to run on webview inside an android app.
We are seeing low fps in lower tier mobile devices.
Here are the profiler details:

  1. No of shader - 25
  2. No of materials - 27
  3. Mesh Instances - 150
  4. Draw calls - 124 (total and forward draw calls are same)
  5. VRAM - 118mb

Initially we were getting blurry textures so we enabled device pixel ratio to improve calarity.
Can you suggest some thing to increase the fps on lower end device?

Can anyone please help us out here?

Hi @Arjun_Sankhala,

Can you also share your average times? Update, render etc. Try and see if you stop your animations for example, do you get a performance increase and how much?

In general you need to find out where your bottleneck is, given your metric above seem to be relatively good even for lower end devices.

Hope that helps.

Apologies for late reply.
Total render time is 0.200
Shader compile time is 21.2
Update time is 0.5-0.6
Render time is 0.5-0.6
Forward time is 0.3-0.4
Above data is picked by running the game in chrome. How can i get the same data from mobile device?
How can i stop animations? We are using tween library for animation. Do i need to stop the tween on complete?

You can append &profile=true at the launch url and then run it on mobile. This way your game will run with profiler open.

For the animations yes, you need to stop or pause them and then check how that affects performance.

thanks. let me see the stats on mobile device. and g et back to you