My shader doesn't work on 3D asset (model)

Hello everybody,

I can’t figure out how to apply shader to a 3d custom model.

I am using a shader that makes stripes. I can apply this shader to a cube and a plane and it is working as expected (we can see the stripes) . But when I apply it on a 3D models it just shows colors one by one (no stripes)… Could someone explain me how to “cover” my model with this kind of simple shader.

I made this example scene so you can understand what I am trying to say :

There are no UV maps on the model. It just has POSITION and NORMAL attributes

That’s why you are getting single colours

If it has UV maps, you should see TEXCOORD_X on the render assets

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Ohhh so that was it :sweat_smile: . Thanks a lot ! I understand