My projects not opening on iPhone after loading blank screen
My projects not opening on iPhone after loading a blank screen working fine on all other devices, it sometimes loads on safari and chrome and sometimes it doesn’t don’t know what is the problem , No erros

here is the video showing issues the second one is just the default viewer of playcanvas

I wonder if it’s due to the WebGL content being iframed. iOS tends to have stricter limitations (especially around memory and CPU usage) on iframes. When loading the iframe directly, I haven’t been able to create a crash yet Stair Configurator

Direct link to project without iframe is also causing problems sometimes it loads sometimes doesn’t

i have check this project link not working as well

My guess here is that you are using too much VRAM. In the launch tab with the profiler, how much VRAM does it say you are using?

just model viewer also taking so much VRAM ?

Let’s focus on your project first.

Also what’s the exact model of iOS phone you are using?

Iphone XS

On my iPhone 8 (or XR), when I run your project directly Stair Configurator, I don’t get crashes but it runs very slowly.

The model viewer project is fine at full 60fps on the same device.

I can’t really debug much into your project but it looks like it’s using over 500MB of VRAM (hence the crashing)

On your phone, try closing all tabs in Safari and all apps in the background and re-try model viewer multiple times.

Then do the same with your Stairs config with the direct link as well.

Let me try that

Direct link also crashing sometimes

How was the test with the model viewer after closing down all tabs and background apps?

Loading 4 6 times was working fine then black screen

All was working before 2 days now having issues even on older projects

Looks its related to the memory management of iOS and not much we can do about it on the PlayCanvas side tbh.

As far as I can tell, the stair configurator is using too much VRAM in general. Please check in the launch tab of that project and the profiler to see how much VRAM you are using. That’s why it’s crashing consistently.

I would also try restarting your device too.

We haven’t changed anything in the last two days

Published projects are completely static, we don’t change/update anything with builds

I have checked the stairs one is using 675 MB and Papercar is using 115MB same problem for both

Using direct links to the builds:

I can’t reproduce any crashes on my device no matter how much I reload

That is very high. I think the recommendation is to be between 100-200MB at most

I have checked from direct link that you mentioned its still crashing blank screen is that any cache issues ?

what device you are using?