Models no longer cast shadows after upgrading PlayCanvas engine

If I update the PlayCanvas engine past version 1.62.2, then none of the models in my game cast shadows. All the models use a custom shader. Were there any changes in the engine after 1.62.2 that would account for this issue?

Likely many, as 1.62.2 is pretty old.

Start with the debug engine and look at the logs, some warnings might be there.

Also check this: Shader Chunk Migrations | PlayCanvas Developer Site

Thanks for replying. I am new to PlayCanvas. How do I enable the debug engine when working from localhost? is it available as a node module?

Use one of the options with dbg in the name: playcanvas - npm
(it seems you’re engine only, and not Editor)

I am using PlayCanvas as a component in a React app. We use the Editor to set up scenes and then sync them down to run locally.
I am having issues installing playcanvas.dbg via npm.

@KPal - can you help here please.

How are you currently trying to use playcanvas.dbg? You need to specify the full path when importing such as

import * as pc from 'playcanvas/build/playcanvas.dbg.mjs`
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Sorry for my confusion. I was thinking that the debug version was actually a completely separate package for some reason. I will update my imports.

import * as pc from 'playcanvas/build/playcanvas.dbg.mjs`

returns an error

Could not find a declaration file for module 'playcanvas/build/playcanvas.dbg.mjs'. 


Hmmm are you using this with typescript?

Yes. I see that there is a type declaration file in the build directory. But the debug version doesn’t seem to be detecting it.