Massive project underway

Hello. I am a game developer and have wanted to make games for a while now, and think this will help me do it. Currently i am looking for on my team:

2 good ones, for the scripting
3 artists, mainly using Blender or Maya to make models, and one for the menu screens and such.
1 musician, pretty good, but doesn’t have to be the best.

This game will be an FPS (futuristic), and have pretty good graphics. I was looking for a game similar to Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Ballistic. If you want to help, just contact me at, and i’ll see if you can join. If you have previous experience, show it to me. If not, you can still help. :slight_smile: Hope you help!


Hi SuperSoldier,
Sounds like a very ambitious and exciting project!! Can you explain your plans for the game when it’s released?

  • What platforms do you want to release the game on?
  • Will the game be open source?
  • Do you want to monetize the game somehow? If so, how are you planning on having your team benefit from the game’s success?

First- If I we’re to release it to a platform, it would most definitely be Playstation.
Second-The game will be open source, as i think modders are amazing people.
Third-I might possibly monetize it, but not for a while after release.

PlayCanvas can make games for:

  • Any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari).
  • Browser marketplaces (Chrome Web Store, Firefox Marketplace).
  • Mobile and desktop app stores (iOS, Google Play on Android, Windows Store).
  • You can also wrap your PlayCanvas game as a native executable for deploying to platforms like Steam.

PlayCanvas can’t make games for:

  • Consoles (PlayStation, Xbox)
  • Handhelds (Nintendo 3DS, Vita)

Good to hear you want to make an open source game! PlayCanvas defaults projects to being public, unless you subscribe, in which case you can work in public.

Well, glad to know that. But fps’s don’t do well on the mobile market. I probably will make it an online game (The basic version) and then a download for the upgraded version with more stuff. And the one thing i despise is pay-to-win games, or ones that take three days to replenish your whatever so you can do one mission, so they pretty much make you buy the whatever to be able to have a playable game. I hate those games.

Hey SuperSoldierAlpha!

I wouldn’t classify myself as anything more than a beginner programmer really, so I’m just not sure if I could be of much use, but it’s always exciting to see something like this being formed in the early stage - would u have any concepts to show at his stage, art etc? That’d be really great to see.

Either way, hope you keep us posted and good luck!

Oh also, have you posted in the Introduce Yourself topic? It’d be nice to hear more about you.

Hey Adam, I would love to have you on the team. About concepts though… I was planning on making some, and I’ll upload them in my next post. For the characters I was thinking of Halo style, lots of armor and guns, tanks, etc. But I was going to throw in classes, levels, upgrades, and modifying weapons and armor, your vehicles, and killstreaks. So I’m looking at a massive game. What languages do you know?

Well I only really know basic JavaScript, I have experience with Fortran but…that isn’t helpful I think. Although I have some knowledge of Blender and have made and textured simple models before.

Also generally why not start small and get concepts and the core mechanics working, like figure how the game would work with one level, one character, one weapon etc. Though I guess that’s obvious. I mean massive games are made by massive studios you know? And they have hundreds of professionals working for years on that massive game. Just a thought…but then again I don’t know exactly what you mean when you say massive.

I mean massive as in a big game. But yes, you are right, we need to put up the core mechanics to start. By the last update is when we will be done. I had an idea of an open world game with enemy bases and you attack them strategically and with your team, kind of like Farcry 3.

By big game I don’t mean a Halo game, I’m saying a big game for indie developers. We will need an absolute TON of modelling for this project, so we need three more artists, one more programmer, and one musician. Also, I was imagining a closed beta in a few months. (After we have a team)

Hey there SSA! I would like to participate in this project, but I’m not sure I can commit myself until I know what the idea is and the amount of time I need to dedicate. As a part of this team I could act as one of the lead programmers and possibly do musical work. I have worked with multiple programming – including C++, C#, Java, Javascript, and python – as well as a variety of APIs – including Unity, minor Win32 apps, and Play Engine – and I feel I could be a great addition to the team if you would be able to keep this project up and running. Just remember: being the head of a project will be harder than you anticipated.

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The basics are in the earlier posts… What do you suggest we make this game in? (What language) And if you want to help, come right in! I really can’t be picky about this, considering PlayCanvas isn’t that big of a deal as, say, Unity. The main story i was thinking goes like this:
In the year 2035, mankind was overrunning the planet. It was crowded and overpopulated. Then, scientists made a discovery. A new planet had been found that was only 2,000 light years away, and with the technology they had, they could send 100 people there. When the ship was sent, it was reported when it touched down as smooth. Then, two months later a single warning came through. "We’re being overrun! Help us! " and then it went silent. You are on a military mission know as Cidia. Your mission is to stop the aliens and clear them off the planet.

Well that looks like a lot of programming. Yeah I’m betting you would be a great addition, welcome!

In terms of languages, well we basically would have to use JavaScript if we’re planning with PlayCanvas right? Not that that’s a problem at all, I mean I don’t think we can (or should) use C or Assembly etc. for PlayCanvas scripts…

I wouldn’t even know how to use those languages with PlayCanvas; JavaScript is fine.

I like the idea, but I think we should do some tweaking to it. I think we should use some sort of IM or voice chat solution instead of using a forum. This would make project development a helluva lot easier and lead to faster dev. cycles (releases/updates). We would probably need some work schedules and progress goals in the future to ensure this game gets made.

I know of one, called Pinger. It might work. I know it’s trustworthy, because my brother used it for stuff for like two years and never had any problems.

Why not just use Google hangouts? It’s got voice, face, and text chat and you don’t need an extra account.

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How do you guys feel about participating in a Ludum Dare as a way to test our skills? I think if we submit a game we can get an upgraded account for a year, which will allow us to add more people to our project.

That’s a great idea :slight_smile: Game jams really make you get to the core of development faster and its a great way to get to know each other - Do it!

yeah, while I’m usually hesitant about this things, I think something like this is a good idea, maybe a chance to knuckle down and focus on what will be the absolute minimum core of the game, or just test skills, but the Ludum Dare’s ‘slaughter’ theme fits into what supersoldier’s idea was. What do you think @supersoldiersalpha, would you be ok for that weekend?