Massive project underway

Okay, but i can only do it on the saturday as i have church on sunday. We could set up the saturday as setting up the mechanisms and other things as i can do it probably from like ten to eleven at night. We can get the basic ame up, and you guys could just smooth it out on sunday. So yes, I think we could do this. Does ludum Dare support PlayCanvas? Also: I was thinking, we could not make a 3d open world game in 48 hours. Possibly a 2d game? Then we could advertise there for the upcoming 3d game.

I think you misunderstand what the point of this Ludum Dare is; it’s a game making competition where you can use whatever engine or solution you want (including audio/visual tools) as long as the content for the game is created in 48 hours. The idea is not to start the game here, but to test our skills with Play Canvas so we can get a feel for what this team is capable of. I think we would need an original game idea for this competition.

Ok! Sorry, I’ve never done a game jam before, only heard about them from friends etc. Looks like you might have to guide us through this a bit! But yeah I’m happy with a super basic project just to test our skills.


Yeah I saw that post for Ludum 29, but I just tried to add some collaborators to a test project, it looks like all three of us can be on a project but the free account only allows two people to edit a project (have write or admin access)… so how would this work? Thoughts?

NEVERMIND: I’m getting a pro account so I’ll just add u guys in to a project for the DARE.

Okay, we can come up with a new idea for it. I think we should make a REALLY basic game for this. Google hangouts will work good. Want to talk at say, 11:00 today?

Sounds fine, but I don’t have your usernames/emails. Also, I think we need to find a global time we can all convert to (GMT if not mistaken).

If you meant 11 am CST thats 6pm over here (as in a few minutes ago)- I haven’t finished work yet! and 11 pm will be 6am for me… :sleepy:

But I guess I wouldn’t mind if u guys discussed things and updated me, it’ll be less organisational hassle. I’m really doing this to improve my skills anyway so I’m not tooooo fussed over the details.

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I am so sorry. I have been very busy. :frowning: Let’s start on this ludum dare!

Results from Ludum Dare 30! (late, I know). Me and seane didn’t actually make too much, it seems we both underestimated the work to put in! Pack is here if anyone is interested.

I’m kinda just happy we put something onto the Ludum Dare site… right alongside other playcanvas games, makes us almost seem professional…

I should probably mention that seane has been good enough to keep working on the game even after the Dare ended, so thanks @seane_rice!

It’s called ‘Colliding Geometries’ and seane has actually been adding to it since the Dare finished.

I learnt how to rig and animate in Blender during the Dare, which isn’t the right time to start learning anything, but still, the Dare pushed me to do it, so if anyone reading this is considering a Dare or something similar, I’d recommend it - even if u don’t complete anything, u’ll learn something!

If anyone wants to see my dumb animations, they’re in the ‘Model Test’ pack of our project.

I was testing normal mapping with Blender, comparing it to the full sculpt used to bake the normal map in this Blender Test pack.

Nice to see how well it works, this is my first use of normal maps, turned out to be pretty simple with Blender.

From this angle it definitely starts to look a bit flat, but for just 6 polygons/quads…seems pretty good to me, yay for normal maps!

Another test, actually I want this to be my standard test for all kinds of maps…

Here the discombobulated cube on the left was supposed to be the high-res sculpt, but it’s around 200,000 vertices and turns out "Each mesh object should contain no more than 65,535 vertices. "
According to this manual page.

I did another model test, this time with an OBJ model exported directly from Sculptris (along with normal and diffuse texture maps).

Here’s the little guy in Sculptris

And here he is in Designer! Pretty good match.

Some little things I noticed:

He was imported in very small, so small I couldn’t see him at first.

This is from multiplying the scale in two axes by ten, and leaving the other axis scale as is. Looks kinda good to me, might be good for a sort-of-2D game

Trouble is it seems to create errors when the normal map is included…

This is all in the Sculptris pack in the connected Worlds project - I know I’m doing these tests in random places…but meh

I really like what you’re doing, especially with Sculptris. It seems like a pretty good tool to have for when you need pump out a model. I know some people will sculpt it in one program import it into blender where they can use the model as a template. This allows them to get lower tri models with the same “feel”.

I honestly can’t wait to get back to PlayCanvas, but with 11th grade underway, a Counter Strike team in the works, juggling 3-4 programming languages, and after school clubs such as IGems (International Genetically Engineered Machines) I’ve been pretty short of time.

Hey, don’t worry about it, this is just hobby stuff, I wouldn’t want to try and pull you away from InternationalCounterGems stuff.

Though I’m guessing this is no longer ‘Massive Project Underway’, but more ‘Some Project Stuff Happening Sometimes’ :speak_no_evil: which is fair enough. I don’t think I could be committing tons of time either.

Hey, I’m sorry I’ve been silent for so long, I’ve been busy on another game, here’s a concept of a guy.

That’s pretty awesome! You should do some more of these.

It’s not that great, but I do have another of a snow soldier.
I’m also working on some concepts of vehicles and I’ve sketched out (on paper) some ideas for a helicopter type thing and a fighter. I’m pretty busy right now, with school, a game I’m working on, and being an artist for a different game. I can probably get up one or two more concepts in the next week.