LOD's in fbx files

Hello All,

I’m trying to import a fbx from Unity that as 3 LOD’s and while in unity I get to choose which one I want to work with, when I import them in playcanvas, seems there are no ability to only display the one I care about. Is there a way to cherry pick what I want in the FBX once imported?


Well, im just going to say there are problems when importing fbx models in unity and unreal engine. Here is the forum link. [SOLVED] FBX import to PlayCanvas not working

Hi @memleak, that’s correct you can’t pick in editor which mesh instances should be displayed and which should be hidden.

So you can do one of the two:

  1. Before importing in PlayCanvas open up the model in a modelling app e.g. blender and split the model in different files, one for each LOD level.

  2. Or using a script disable the non visible instances. You can go all the way and do this based on a dynamic rule e.g. camera distance and implement a basic LOD system that way.

To disable a mesh instance set its visible property to false: