[SOLVED] FBX import to PlayCanvas not working


I have hired an artist full-time to work on a PS5 video game using the UE4 and PlayCanvas game engines. The PlayCanvas will be used by workers in the Travel & Tourism industry as a mobile friendly web app introduction to the video game and more importantly, a means for the tourist to communicate to those people who will be playing the video game we are creating for the PS5. We are depending on PlayCanvas as the first means attract the children to play the game. Since there is already an issue in PC, there is no reason to continue working on the PS5 game.

So far we have not been able to use any of our animation we have produced. The issue is either a vertex group weigh issue or an rig/animation issue.

As a simple test, expecting that the UE4 default character would have been created with the proper standards for testing purposes, we exported the character and animation as an fbx and imported it into PC and in PC the left shoulder is dislocated and shifted downwards towards its elbow.

Here is the Playcanvas project fail:

Here is what is expected as a pass:
BP 3rd Person Game: Introduction | 01 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube](BP 3rd Person Game: Introduction | 01 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube)


This is fantastic, thank you!

Issue created: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/issues/2875

Hello @Anton_Gunaratnam_s_S! Im really not an expert but have you tried to delete the model then try put the model back?

Please see my comment on the ticket

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ok, I’ve seen the comment

What format was the original asset in out of interest @Anton_Gunaratnam_s_S? Was it a FBX?

Yes, it was FBX.

Good news, I’ve updated the PC example and placed the correct workflow and the wrong workflow for anyone who will need it

Look through the chain of children in the hierarchy of the entity “UE4 TO PC CORRECT WORKFLOW!” as the correct steps

Look through the chain of children in the hierarchy of the entity “UE4 TO PC WRONG WORKFLOW” as the correct steps to avoid

@Anton_Gunaratnam_s_S Just to check, is this issue fixed? If so, we can close the ticket :sweat_smile:

Screenshot of workflow for information sharing on the forum :slight_smile:

@yaustar, why are you up at 1:00 am bruh. Someone got skillz

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Blender FBX export and then directly importing to PC still does not work - this is clear

But I have have given up on that workflow and so have attempted another workflow using UE4 models purchased through UE4 Marketplace and then exporting fbx via UE4 directly to PC which does work.

I’ll leave it to the guys at PlayCanvas to fix the Blender FBX export to PC workflow

Do you have an example FBX from Blender that we can look at that shows similar issues?

Considering those fbx don’t play correctly in Unity nor Maya, it does not seem the problem is on Playcanvas side?

You guys are right, sorry.
It is most likely the Blender fbx exporter that is the issue, so yes please close

I will send blender files along with their fbx exports as I develop the characters for the guys at Playcanvas to try to fix the “Blender to PC” workflow. If you create a new ticket, I will send on that one or I can send on this one whenever I create new characters

If you can upload it to here as a zip/check it with Unity3D, that would be great @Anton_Gunaratnam_s_S

Actually, you can’t directly import .fbx to PC. Because:

  1. Blender is not using Autodesk FBX SDK because of some license issues. They wrote their own tools for .fbx export. It could be different from normal .fbx files.
  2. All your .fbx files are converted by Playcanvas Converter to .glb. There is no such thing as .fbx loader, or I am not aware of it.

Is there a way to guarantee 100% compatibility with all possible .fbx files saved by different software? Old and new versions of those exporters? For a proprietary format created 10+ years ago? No, I don’t think so.

I think that is what Anton means as in directly importing to PC ‘Editor’ :slight_smile: