Launched today: Scripts 2.0

Today we’ve launched our Scripts 2.0 update. You can read all about it here. Also, see this awesome little video of live code hot swapping working across 4 mobile devices!

(by the way, yes, that is an iPhone4S!)

New projects you create from today will use the new script system, but your existing projects will not change and will carry on using the legacy scripting system. You can also create a new project with legacy scripts enabled.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to migrate a project from the old system to the new one as it would be a complicated process to ensure you didn’t lose any exposed attribute data. Especially automatically changing javascript files.

However, some awesome new features in the new scripting system: live code hot-swap, script concatenation/minification, real-time collaboration on code files, put scripts in folder(!), better error handling.

Let us know what you think.


Awesome, have been waiting for this new scripting workflow for soo long! :smiley:
Playing with all new features at the moment.

Any reason why displayName was removed from attribute options?

Awesome, cant wait to try it !

displayName is now title. Here’s more info:

Ah thank you, somehow missed that entry in Scripting Reference

Has anybody gotten the VR project to work with this?

Yep, if you just create new project using VR Starter Kit, it already will be new system.

We just deployed the new VR starter kit a few minutes ago so try forking it again :slight_smile:

Yeah, looks like they’ve got it updated now. Nice!

Just got chance to try this, very impressive and useful! well done!

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