Issue with 1.65.3 and the stable version on export

I think there is a slight issue with the play canvas stable version that is reacting differently to the editor version of 1.65.3 .

I have a project with a shadow occluder plane in it that when run through the editor is working perfectly and the build version works as well, however when the project is exported and copied to a different server. The occluder shader is not showing up…

After comparing files the only thing i could see different was the engine version being loaded.
On export the index file is loading this version.

If i swap the line above and load the engine below the occluder plane returns.

I can use the above as a quick fix for now, but would be good to know if this bug will be resolved so i can remove the above workaround.

any thoughts on this @slimbuck - do we use different url’s there?

Hi @Richard_Clarke ,

When it goes wrong, are you doing publish → “DOWNLOAD .ZIP”?

I just tried this and the engine version was v1.65.3.

You can actually select which engine version to use in the dropdown on the publish page. Perhaps you selected a different version accidentally? Which version of the engine did you end up with?

If that’s not what you’re referring to (by “when the project is exported…”), then please can you clarify?

Also note that the published version of the engine uses a minified version of the engine. Whereas the editor and launch page uses non-minified versions. If your application is behaving differently between these two then we would definitely want to investigate.