Is it possible to use Texture Packer?

Is it possible to use texture atlases generated by Texture Packer (png + json)?

Any example of that?

You can use atlases, and then manually set Tiling and Offset on materials to match required rectangle in the atlas.

JSON files generated by Texture Packer are not supported on engine level.

The Flappy Bird project uses a single texture atlas and uses tiling and offset properties of a material to map into it.

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I saw that project. I’ll try that, the game I’m coding is not very complex.

Consider that having to type manually the coordinates is a bad solution because atlases change all the time while developing a game and they can contain hundreds of images.

You can upload JSON’s, and use them in scripts. So you can come up with a script that will set values as needed. Only problem - it will be only in Launcher, not in Editor.

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thanks Max, I’ll try that

any plans to support texture atlas or at least plugins that allow them?

Plugins - is something coming, definitely. We want to allow developers to extend Editor, and share plugins within the community. It is something that requires big amount of work from our end, and been a plan for a long time already.
There is no ETA on this.

Hello, any news on this ?

The documentation needs to be updated but yes, Texture Packer has been supported for a while :sweat_smile: :