IOS error on scene loading

Hi everyone, i have an app which was running fine on all device, when i delivered in april, lately my customer told me it was not working anymore on IOS and i could see by myself that is giving this error "a problem repeatedhy occurred on “https…”, software has never being modified from delivery…so we thought coudl be due to last update, any similar experience or tips ?

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What does this mean? Did you change the playcanvas build you designed your app on April? I guess not because there are not advantages, but you say at the same time the software was never modified from delivery.

I can imagine is an update from the browser, iOS or the server which is delivering. SSL certificate issue?

Did you try different browsers or only Safari? Which is the full error? When it happens? When loading a resource or when using it?

To progress I think we will need more info.

Unluckily the error I got is only that, and yes I tried different cloud real devices and browsera, on iOS always the same issue.

Next step I want to debug it with safari debug tools, the app load a couple of images and a video, plus has bg audio, and was working perfectly on iOS, nothing changed in ssl, app works perfectly on android.

Any hint or similar experiences ?

Hi @Mirko_Arcese!

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