Anyone else having issues with iPhone browsers? iOS 16.2

I can’t share project url due to sensitivity, I just wanted to quickly ask if other people are having issues with iPhone Safari/Chrome right now?
Our project has been working fine across all platforms, and just noticed today our game doesn’t load properly on iPhone. You see the PlayCanvas loading bar almost reach the end, then the page crashes. Just displays an empty page with the words: " A problem repeatedly occurred on … my url "
The only things I can think of is that the project has grown in size slightly (downloaded build files come to ~32.5MB )
My testing iPhone did update it’s iOS to 16.2 today, and wondering if that’s what has caused my issues?
Anyways, I was wondering if others are experiencing the same, or if there’s something fundamental in my project.
Any sanity checks, help or pointers very welcome.
Cheers, Rich

Hi @Rich_Lloyd and welcome!

My experience is that this problem is graphic related. Mostly because the use of high resolution textures or something like that.

Please check the topics below.


Thank you! I tried to search for this topic and didn’t find these, I’ll check them out!

OK, so when I had my problem the VRAM was around the 69MB mark. I removed unused assets and crunched the textures sizes with compression, and now it sits around the 20MB mark. But… I still had the same issue. However the real time launch of the project started to work, but when I still did a build had the same problem.
I finally found a setting which I turned off, and all of a sudden it fixed the situation…
Settings → Rendering → Device Pixel Ratio
This was on, and by turning it off instantly made the project work.
I’m now manually adjusting the pixel ration in code, still finding the best balance for quality, but feel like it’s a case of trial and error now.
Big thank you for your guidance!

For me this will not be an option if I look to the quality, but if you are be able to manually adjusting the pixel ration in code that can be an option.

Can you share your project so I can take a look too? I’m curious what can cause the crash.

Its possible that the VRAM needed for the higher render resolution is too high and exceeds the VRAM on the device causing it to crash. Unfortunately, browsers do not have a way for the page to know how much VRAM is left.

I thought it was all fixed… but now getting the issue on an iPhone 13, OS 16.1.1

Can you provide a link to the build for us to try please? It sounds like it’s a memory related issue if it’s stuck in a reload loop