iOS 17 render problem

Hi there

We just noticed a problem viewing one of our projects on iOS17: Looks odd (silver) in both chrome and Safari on iOS 17.0 but fine on chrome in windows.

What could be happening here?

Issue (Safari iOS 17):

Expectation (Chrome Windows 10)

Basis tend to randomly fail to transcode on iOS17, see more here

We’re investigating possible workarounds.


oh ok, thanks for prompt reply. We’ll stand by.

Hi @bjorn.syse,

We have a PR to fix this Handle ios 17 basis wasm regression by slimbuck · Pull Request #5657 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub. If you’re able to test with this fix locally and confirm it works on all your assets, it would be much appreciated.


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Thanks, sounds promising. Won’t have time in a while to test it though unfortunately.

The fix / workaround: Release v1.65.5 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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Hi, I dont see 1.65.5 in my editor ‘Engine Version’ dropdown. Do I need to do something?

So far only tje engine has been release, and should be promoted to the Editor tomorrow.

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Hi. It seems latest version of iOS has this problem fixed too.