Introducing the PlayCanvas Localization System

Announcement time! We just rolled out the new built-in Localization System in the PlayCanvas Editor! Read all about it here:


Wait so it’s a basically a built in multiplayer system?

Guessing this was a request pushed by Snap ?

I would have thought there were other more important features higher up on the list.

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Localisation is pretty important for games as it has shown to increase KPIs when a game is in the users native language.

Every Unity game I’ve worked had always rolled out their own localisation system and doesn’t always have Editor support.

Being able to change locale in the Editor and see the actual text in the Editor helps a lot as it allows easy adjusting of the UI to fit localisation text.

I also think it may be a start to also help with languages that have a lot of characters such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Basis support is in the works judging from the PRs which will help reduce download sizes for textures.


It’s a system that allows you to easily support multiple languages in PlayCanvas.

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Are you guys even thinkin abt adding a inEditor multiplayer system?

I can’t speak for the team but from personal experience, it be nearly impossible to make a one size fits all solution. The needs for an .io style game and a MMRPG are vastly different that it doesn’t make much sense to create a general networking library unless they are willing to put a lot of man hours into it.

There are also 3rd party libraries that fill this void well too.

@yqu It’s true that games in Snapchat do have localization requirements since people all over the world use the app. But it should be useful for a lot of other developers too.

We’re not solely working on Localization. We’re also hard at work on Templates, Basis support, refactoring the Editor front-end (which makes the Editor much more responsive) and much more too. Keep an eye out for further announcements!


Thnx Heoric seems like the more up to date and cooler decision thnx now matrexball will becoming multiplayer sooner than everyone thinks

This feature came in at a timely time for my current project! The new ‘native’ localisation tooling for text has proven a big time saver; the ability to change locale on-the-fly and have onscreen button text update is simply magical… Thanks!

I have my own approach to asset localisation (swapping visuals based on locale), by doctoring the asset registry… But I see some tantalising clues in the docs that there’s maybe native support for this too? What’s the status of asset (not string) localisation at present?


At the moment you can localize font assets only using the Editor. There is more information about this here

That’s a great feature! Is it possible to export/import the localization as excel/spreadsheet/csv/resx or whatever proper file, so we can outsource the translation of the texts?

Any hints appreciated,

You could write a small external script that takes a Google Doc/Excel and exports into the format that PlayCanvas uses. It then can be uploaded manually or via the REST API.

Thanks for your answer. That would be indeed possible. We are thinking of integrating a small localization system to our cloudbuild backend. It would automatically fetch all keys of localized labels inside the PlayCanvas project, giving us the ability to edit the values directly inside the backend and import/export the loca as a common interchangeable format.