Increase number of edges on in editor polygons

I’m trying to improve performance in my game by using only the basic shapes instead of the models I made myself. But the basic cylinders I’m using for most of the entities look too jagged, is there a way to increase how many edges the cylinder has around the top so it doesn’t look so jagged? Some hidden coding method or otherwise?

When i tryed to use basic cube was more expensive than a fbx cube imported, do some check

How would I compare? just make a basic fbx cylinder as close to the poly count of the basic cylinder and check the file size? How would I see the size of the basic one?

Unfortunately the primitive for the cylinder is non modifiable. Best off creating your own low poly mode version of the wheel.

I noticed coz i did a tiled floor with cube primitive and the game was slow so i imported a cube and redid the floor and was faster the fps

I think an even better step to improve performance would be to put in a plane, and texture it with tiles.

Planes usually have some issue with collision sometime objects pass through if heavy enough or finding small spaces when they are tied, or at least is what i noticed (example the old daggerfall game) so i always prefer solids but that’s just my opinion

I’ve had that issue to, @yaustar helped to fix it here.

Basically the rigidbodies are probably moving faster than the update frames can keep up with, and when they skip they fall physics checks.